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Single Stream Recycling*
The single stream system is the most comprehensive recycling program available.  You no longer need to sort!  To prepare your items to be recycled, rinse out containers to remove as much residue as possible.  Please follow the below guidelines to recycle.  
Acceptable Items:

Currugated cardboard
Newspaper (including advertisements)
Chipboard (cereal boxes)
Junk Mail and Office Paper
Phone Books
Plastic Bottles, Jugs, and Tubs 
Alluminum Beverage Cans
Tin or Steel Cans
Clean Aluminum Foil and Trays
Plastic Grocery Bags
Trash Bags (without trash in them!)
Dry Cleaning Bags
Glass Bottles and Jars

There are additional items that technology does not yet allow us to recycle.  These items are often multiple materials pressed together, so they contain materials that we are unable to accept.  Below are some items that we CANNOT accept:

Any solid waste
Any Hazardous Items
Yard Waste
Tapes and CDs
Gift Wrap
Tyvek or Nylon Envelopes
Tissue Paper or Paper Towels
Wax Paper
Heavily Dyed (or neon) Colored Paper
Foil Paper
Paper Plates
Plastic Silverware
Food Bags
Cereal Bags
Flexible Packaging
Window Glass
Mirror Glass
Wax Carten
Aseptic Containers
Cups and Lids
Shower Curtains
*Note:  As we work to improve our recycling options, recycling isn't available in all areas.  For example, realize that we need a separate truck to pick up recycling.  If there isn't a critical mass of recycling in your area, it isn't a net gain to mother earth or BDS to drive a large truck to certain areas to recycle.  We are always working to expand routes.